Recruitmentannouncement of Guizhou Kailin International Trading Co., Ltd

Recruitment Information

Position: regional manager

Number:no limitation(available all thetime)

Work place: in Guiyang


1.Sell and promote products to foreign markets

2.Achieve the sales goal assigned by the company

3.Explore and develop new markets; establish business relationship withprospective clients; consolidate and develop the good business relationshipwith regular clients; improve the sales revenue and develop the salesavailability of the products

Job Qualifications

1.Major: no major limitation; International trading and foreign languages etc.are preferred

2.Education: Bachelor’s degree or above

3. Work Experience: minimum3 years working experience in international trading

4.Age: under 35 years old

5. Strong ability of communication and a goodsense of teamwork

Ifyou are proved to very excellent, priority will be given to you to some extentso that we might stretch a point to recruit you without strictly following therequirements as above


Ifyou are proved to be qualified, the salary will be stated and specified in thelabor contract to be signed.

Application for the job:

Downloadthe Application form of Guizhou Kailin International Trading Co., LTD and fillit as required, then send it to the E-mail address

Guizhou KailinInternational Trading Co., Ltd

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