Leader’s Oration

GuizhouKailin Holdings (Group) Co.,Ltd is the leading producer of high-concentration phosphate compound fertilizer, possessing the richest Phosphate resource andlargest scale of mining and processing in China. We have been committed to thisbusiness for more than half of a century. From the past market structure of“Three Auspicious Yang”to today`s great rise in Guizhou province, Kailin peoplealways stay united by keeping the belief of “doing stronger, bigger and better”in mind, and we inspire ourselves with the spirit of “taking pressure andbravely moving on”, and we strictly behave ourselves at work by complying withthe requirement of “do everything well and do well everyday”. All of thesevaluable intangible assets enable us to consolidate the foundation of ourhard-working mentality.

Bykeeping up with the pace of development of times, being eager to progress and encouraging innovation, our company has become a large phosphorus coal chemicalbusiness group from a mining company with single business of phosphate rockproduction, and we have established sales network covering the major producingareas of grain, cotton and farmland in domestic market. Besides, in globalmarket, our international trading partners spread over in Southeast Asia, SouthAsia, the Middle East, Oceania, South Africa, Europe and the United States andother countries and regions.

   As a result, our marketing network strength, brand influenceand market share steadily increase.


Standingon the new starting point, Kailin aims to the distant future. Kailin ship issetting sail on a long voyage move forward to the direction of “Being high-end,fine and greening ”in order to achieve the goal of constructing a modern largebusiness group with 100 billion yuan of sales revenue.

Let uscooperate sincerely to create glorious fine tomorrow together!

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